It's me, Steven.

UX Designer. Problem-solver. X-Men fanatic. Doodler.


Expanding the current experience within the app to give users an option to plan and track goals for better control of their student loan repayment.

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The Eric Carle Museum

A redesign of the website, focusing on donors and the donation process, and determining how best to honor their support and create a more personal experience.

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A browser extension that helps libraries strengthen their communities and provide trustworthy sources and information online.

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Just a little about me

I’m a Chicago-based UX Designer who enjoys learning new things, with a passion for logic and creativity.  Over the years, I’ve found myself working on Skittles commercials, building swords while managing a LEGO store, obsessing over the long history of the X-Men, and now, in an effort to thoroughly combine my passions, practicing UX research and design.

Recently, I graduated from Designation, which introduced me to the fast-paced, insanely enjoyable world of UX. While there, I gained experience working with clients and developing products designed with users in mind.

Now I’m looking to find where in UX I fit best and as such, I’m open to trying nearly everything.

Find me on Linkedin or drop me a line if you want to connect and check out my Dribbble as I work through the Daily UI design challenges.